Project Description

Passport To Freedom

A retreat for youth based on the book “Freedom and Forgiveness” by Father Paul Farren

We began the day in the Church as our centering point. We discussed the origins of the underground railroad and the Rochester connections. And we we honored to have Jerry Bennett , a local expert in the underground railroad to explain it to help us understand it. Each team received a real identity of a person escaping slavery with details about their life and their struggles. We moved through the underground tunnel from the Church into School. Then we recalled the many ways Churches have helped people find freedom.

We spent time reflecting on how we are enslaved by society, busy-ness and peer pressure and how God loves us unconditionally.Where was God in the midst of tragedy? What’s the role of free will? Participants wrestled with these concepts as well the responsibilities of Christians living in today’s world. The day was filled with learning, but also fun, we played Man Hunt, Human Hungry Hippos and ate lots of pizza!

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